Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Buying an EX Charter Yacht in Greece

The following update from the YBW.COM forum

Advice on buying a boat in Greece!

Hello! I want to buy a boat in Greece. What are the pitfalls? How do I register VAT paid? Are there any hidden costs? Do I need to go to anyone for advice? I intend to retire and live-aboard in the next year - want to buy now and look around this summer!

YOU dont need to register VAT paid unless you are buying a boat from outside the EU and importing it to an EU member country - in which case VAT has to paid at the level applicable in that country. Much simpler to buy a boat which is already EU country flagged eg UK.

If buying a boat that carries the flag of an EU country make sure that the seller can prove that VAT has been paid. An original VAT invoice is the usual document and should insist that that document should be passed to you as a condition of the sale.

In theory when entering an EU country local customs & excise can ask to see proof that VAT has been paid, although Ive never been asked for it! If you are buying a boat from another EU resident then no VAT is involved, although it is best to get evidence that VAT has been paid. You will find that boats from other countries are likely to have better paperwork trails than many UK boats - particularly older ones. You may also need to get involved in de-registering a boat from another registry, although normally this is the vendor's problem.

Be aware that many Greek boats are ex charter boats, and may be offered ex VAT. This means that you will have to pay the charter operator VAT (23%) for which you will get an invoice. Make sure you include this in your calculations. You will also need to pay to deregister the boat and transfer ownership to you. There are also some older charter boats where VAT has never been paid as before 2002 they were sold (legally) VAT free.

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Bavaria 44 Yacht Survey in Lakki Marina Leros Greece

While waiting for the weather to clear in Lakki Marina Leros (38 Knot winds and stormy!) We have picked up another Yacht Survey on this popular Bavaria 44. This was the first Bavaria by J&J Designs, which in 1993 was tasked with giving the range a sharper look and better performance.

J&J introduced bulbed keels and a more efficient rudder design and a sleeker, lower hull profile. The Bavaria 44 is a big yacht in all respects, with six berths in three cabins including a suite forward and a second heads aft. The saloon is not ideally arranged for offshore use but works well in harbour. A charter-orientated Holiday version was also offered, but it tends to fetch lower prices today.

Easily handled by two thanks to her in-mast roller reeling main sail and furling genoa, with all controls tailed back to the cockpit.

 Sleek lines and spacious accommodation which rivals many much larger boats.  

No ferries back to Samos today!

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Pre-Purchase Yacht Survey in Lakki, Leros Marina Beneteau 57

Back on the Greek Island of Leros this week, and a Yacht Survey for Pre-Purchase on this 57 footer. Designed to eat up the miles shorthanded, and built by Bénéteau and Farr Yacht Design. A great Yacht for demanding sailors with blue water cruising in mind.

Leros Marina, located  at the safest part of Lakki bay, which is completely protected from all the winds, including the ferocious S.E. Sirocco (or "Evros" in Greek), offers the opportunity for memorable moments, in a well-known cruising & sailing area, the South Aegean Sea. The private fenced area of 50.000 m2, is divided in a modern accommodated marina with up to 220 berths, 9 floating pontoons equipped with mooring lines, electricity and water and a fully equipped boatyard with spaces up to 600 boats on the dry-dock.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Pre-purchase Yacht Surveyor working in Greece - Searanger 448 Motor Cruiser

I was working in the local Marina of Samos today in Greece. This was an Insurance Survey on this fast and extremely able semi-displacement cruiser with a fabulous Bill Dixon designed hull. 

Surveyors comments: A serious long distance performance cruiser, with a unique hull form giving excellent performance at all speeds and a smooth ride in adverse weather conditions.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Friday, 16 December 2016

Beneteau 57 Yacht Survey in Leros, Lakki, Greece.

Just had a Marine Survey request on this rare model Beneteau 57 Yacht in Leros, Greece having five cabins and the pedestal steering! She looks a well maintained boat with a good spec #

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Yacht Survey for Insurance in Greece

Today’s Yacht Survey in Samos Greece was on this Albin Vega 27 Sloop. The Vega was constructed of glass-fibre re-inforced polyester. Her joinery work is in hardwood and veneered ply. Glass-fibre frames and stringers also serve to stiffen the hull.

Per Brohall, the Swedish designer of the very successful Viggen, received a commission in 1964 from Lars Larsson, owner of Larrson Trade AB (in 1971 renamed Albin Marin AB), to design an enlarged version of the Viggen. This would hopefully increase the sale of Albin engines. This design was intended to replace the wooden prototype of the Vega that had been launched on 29 July 1965 which, after extensive and severe sea-trials went into production. The results were so favourable that the production forms for the reinforced fibreglass hull could be taken directly from the V-1 prototype hull. The original V-1 (made from mahogany) still sails in Sweden under the appropriate name of "Mahogany".

Sadly the Vega is no longer made but the moulds are still in one piece and located somewhere in Holland..... Who knows?

The hull is solid fiberglass, said by the builder to be 3/8-inch thick at the sheerline and 1-inch thick at the base of the keel, but the deck and cabintop are cored fiberglass for lightness. 

Surveyors comments: Lack of control in reverse gear. The unusual situation of the propeller, aft of the rudder, seems to create difficulties with steering the Vega when she's in reverse gear. She will need to be moving astern at a fairly rapid clip before the rudder takes effect.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Pre-purchase Yacht Survey in Greece

Our Pre purchase survey report!

Tailored for the intended purchase of a vessel and designed to allow you to make an informed and balanced purchase decision. Our Pre Purchase Survey includes all the major elements a full condition survey covers, with the inclusion of additional comment upon the general maintenance requirements, serviceability and cosmetic appearance of the vessel and equipment and comment upon exceptional or outstandingly good or bad items and an independent valuation as a valuable second opinion for peace of mind.

Whilst such items may not affect the structural integrity of the vessel these may have an impact upon market desirability and/or valuation of the vessel and therefore represent important considerations for a prospective purchaser.

Our pre purchase survey report will give you a clear and realistic assessment of the vessel with detailed breakdown of recommendations and action points clearly graded as essential, recommended and advisory and will serve as a useful ongoing maintenance manual for your vessel.


·         Identification of vessel.
·         External hull and hull structure.
·         Internal structure and stiffening.
·         Internal fit out and joinery.
·         Underwater sections.
·         Moisture reference readings.
·         Keel, ballast & keel fixings.
·         Rudder and steering system.
·         Stern gear & stern gland and sail drive.
·         Cathodic protection.
·         Skin fittings and sea valves.
·         Hull fittings.
·         Hull to deck joint.
·         Deck structure, coach roof and cockpits.
·         Deck fittings, handrails & stanchions.
·         Hatches doors and port lights.
·         Ground tackle.
·         Anchoring and mooring arrangements.
·         Exhaust system.
·         Fuel system installation.
·         Bilge and pumping systems.
·         Toilet system installation.
·         Fresh water system installation.
·         Gas system installation.
·         Ventilation.
·         Fire safety and equipment.
·         Electrical system installation.
·         Low voltage systems.
·         240 v systems.
·         Navigation systems.
·         Domestic systems.
·         Additional comment on cosmetics and below decks.
·         Safety equipment.
·         Maintenance advice and requirements.
·         Overall comment.
·         Market valuation.

·         Assistance throughout the purchase.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Yacht Survey and Sea trial in Lakki Leros Marina

We are back at are favourite location for Yacht Surveying in Leros Lakki Marina in Greece. 

The Beneteau First 53 F5 was the result of a great collaboration between Bruce Farrs design genius and the timeless styling of Pininfarina. This model is one of Beneteau’ss most successful and they have done incredibly well on both the race course and cruising.

Winters approaching and the stacking begins! 

This 1992 model still standing strong

Time for a wash!

Surveyors comments: Good solid build and great value at this age. Checks on original rigging components a must..... and how good is that Perkins Parana engine! 

Monday, 26 September 2016

Beneteau 53 Yacht Survey and Sea Trial

Im heading off to the Greek Island of Leros in my own boat to Survey this Beneteau 53 Yacht. A rare model having five cabins and the pedestal steering. Leros Marina offers up to 220 berths with mooring lines, water supply and electricity and free high speed internet access for every berth!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Tonnage Survey

The tonnage measurement survey is a fundamental part of the yacht registration process under Part I of the British Register of Ships or any other credible register of title.

The tonnage measurement survey results in the generation of a unique ‘Certificate of Tonnage and Measurement’ or ‘Tonnage Measurement Certificate’ for the yacht being registered.

The certificate is submitted to the owner’s registry of choice to provide the registry with independent professional verification of the existence of the vessel and confirmation of its physical and technical characteristics.
British Merchant Shipping Laws require all yachts registered under Part I of the British Register of Ships to have been surveyed by a recognised surveying authority or classification society prior to being registered.
The tonnage survey report provides the registry with the tonnage, dimensions and engine specifications that will appear in the register and on the yacht’s Certificate of British Registry.
The tonnage and dimensions of the yacht will determine the application of legislation such as safety and manning requirements, in addition to providing the basis for the calculation of fees or taxes affecting the vessel, such as mooring fees and harbour dues.
A tonnage survey is necessary even for a yacht which may be one of a class or from a production line, (where measurements may have already been taken for a nearly identical vessel).
This is because principal statistics can differ between production yachts and certain unique information will apply to a vessel, such as the Hull Identification Number (HIN), in addition to the engine identification numbers and specifications.
Above all, it should be remembered that the survey is required on a production yacht to evidence the vessel’s existence. 
Following the completion of the tonnage survey by us the survey report is sent to the respective survey authority who in turn issue the ‘Certificate of Tonnage and Measurement’ or ‘Tonnage Measurement Certificate’ to the owner’s registry of choice.
Tonnage Survey Pricing

At our pricing is clear, transparent and fully inclusive.
Our fixed fee includes:
  • Tonnage Measurement Survey onboard vessel
  • Surveyor travel, subsistence and disbursements
  • Calculations and Issue of Tonnage Survey Report
  • Issue of Tonnage Certificate by survey or class society
  • Survey or class society fee

Our fee is based on vessel location, the complexity of the survey and how soon the survey is required.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

UK Yacht Surveyor for Insurance

Im back in this popular marina in Preveza this week carrying out three Yacht Insurance Surveys. Cleopatra Marina is located on the Aktion Peninsula, in the heart of the Ionian Sea. Near the cities of Preveza and Lefkada, just 1,5 km from Aktion Airport, the marina is easily accessible, well-protected, an ideal starting point to explore the shores of the Ionian islands.

 Pre-purchase Yacht Surveyor working in Leros, Preveza, Lefkas, Rodes.

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Thinking about buying a Yacht in Greece?

               Thinking about buying a Yacht in Greece?

We are able to travel to all the Greek Islands in the Cylades, Northern Aegian, Dodecanese, Ionian, Sporades and the Saronics. We specialise in Marine Surveys of Catamarans, Cruising Yachts, Sail boats, Motor Boats, Steel Yachts and all Wooden Craft. We provide a range of Marine Surveys including Pre-Purchase Surveys, Hull Surveys, Systems Surveys, Sea Trials, Insurance Yacht Surveys, Damage Surveys, Valuation Reports and Finance Surveys.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Pre-purchase Yacht Survey in Leros

I was back in Leros Marina carrying out a Pre-Purchase Yacht Survey on this Catamaran yesterday. This 1980's highly regarded Prout Snowgoose 37 has earned a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional blue water passage maker. With nearly 100 reported circumnavigations completed, you would be hard pressed to find another line with this track record.

Lifting her out for the bottom inspection

The low draft greatly increases the skipper’s anchoring options when storms approach, and makes her ideal for exploring the shallow waters found in coves around the Greek Islands.

The Prout family began building cats in the 1950s, and their boats have been well known and respected in the United Kingdom and Europe for half a century.

The interior is well executed with abundant storage and counter space. The liberal use of teak creates a warm and elegant atmosphere not seen on many modern day cats.

Surveyors comments: The Snowgoose 37 is a solid, capable world cruiser with a proven track record. It may not be as flashy as newer-designed cruising cats, but when the ocean is in an unpleasant mood the last thing on your mind is flashiness!

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Trawler Yacht Survey in Preveza

My last Survey in Missalongi, Preveza before heading back to Samos is this very popular American boat with traditional styling, a small mast behind the bridge, she has a straightforward aft cabin layout, the Mainship 40 was built on a solid glass hull with average beam 14' and fairly high freeboard. She has a old-fashion downeast profile, her performance and interior accommodation is similar to those of a modern motor yacht. The salon is particularly spacious, there's a convenient breakfast bar, which takes up little space. Both staterooms are arranged in the conventional manner. There is a tub/shower fitted in the aft head! Outside, the aft deck guest seating is provided aft of the helm. The Mainship 40 will cruise at a respectable 12 knots with 200-hp Perkins diesel engines.

The laminate of the hull bottom begins with a 20-mil gelcoat, followed by two layers of 1.5-ounce mat and a combined five layers of 24-ounce woven roving and mat. Fiberglass-encapsulated marine plywood stringers and bulkheads provide support. Her hull sides and exterior decks are cored with balsa. Fuel is carried in two aluminum tanks outboard of the engines.

Surveyors comments: If you have earned the right to slow down, the Mainship 400 Trawler would be an ideal choice for exploring the Greek islands. She is up for sale and the owner will look at sensible offer around 35,000 Euros. Cheap!! Drop me an email for more detail: 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Bavaria 42 Yacht Survey and Valuation at Aktion Storage Yard in Preveza

Today's second inspection in Aktion Storage Yard in Preveza was this Pre-Purchase Survey and Valuation on this 2007 Bavaria 42 'C' Sailing Yacht. 

Over the years since they started, Bavarias low price policy has been a major influence on other production manufacturers who have not wished to loose market share. Similar 2007 models are going for as little as 60,000 Euros!

A few Bavarias of a certain model had major keel issues due to inadequate engineering structure at the hull/keel joint a couple of years ago. Bavaria recalled the boats involved and came up with an engineering fix. It was only one Bavaria Match series which lost it's keel. No similar issues with any of the Bavaria cruiser range of which multiple 000's have been produced.

Aktion Marina is another massive storage yard in this very popular cruising ground of Greece.
Bavaria comments: A BAVARIA boat combines boat building tradition, German engineering and the ability to manufacture yachts precisely to the millimetre with the use of modern industrial production facilities. From bow to stern, every BAVARIA is a perfect combination of the highest quality, the best materials and the most innovative state-of-the-art fittings and equipment available in yacht building today.

Surveyors comments: Bavaria is in boats what Ford was in automobiles! 

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I have been surveying boats since 1995. By 2016 I will have completed over 3500 surveys, which have included 100's of types of sail and power boats. Having spent 15 years running a successful business in the UK, we now also have a base in Greece, and are able to travel to all the Greek Islands in the Cylades, Northern Aegian, Dodecanese, Ionian, Sporades and the Saronics. We specialise in Catamarans, Cruising Yachts, Sail boats, Motor Boats, Steel Yachts, and of course.... all Wooden Craft.